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How To Install The MS Outlook add-in

Go to in our app and choose the desired workspace.
Navigate to the Plugins page.
Enable the plugin called MS Outlook if it's not already enabled. You may need to contact Support for this.

Open Outlook and select any email message.
Click on More Options (typically represented by three dots or ellipsis).
In the dropdown menu, choose Get Add-ins.
A new window will appear. Scroll down to the My Add-ins section.
Locate the Custom Add-ins category and click on the + Add a custom add-in button.
From the available options, select Add from URL....
In the text field that appears, paste the following URL:
Click on OK to proceed.
A warning popup may appear, simply click on Install to continue.
Return to the email message you opened earlier.
Once again, click on More Options.
You should now see the add-in displayed, featuring its distinctive logo icon.

Log in with your account credentials (you have to do it just one time).

Now you can utilize the add-in within Outlook for enhanced functionality.

Updated on: 17/06/2023

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